UVC Customized Disinfection Services

UVX offers a wide range of customized sterilization services to fight against bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19 and all its mutations.

Talk to an expertHow it works
  • 99.9% effective rate of inactivation of pathogens
  • COVID-FREE certificate after each disinfection
  • Green and sustainable method, saving time and money.

Bring back a level of safety to the workplace, for both your employees and customers.

  • Daily Disinfection

    This is our most effective solution in protecting your team and premises.

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  • One-off Disinfection

    This option is flexible based on frequency of guests or visits to your facility or office.

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  • Risk Assessment

    Collaborative process with your team to create a barrier to reduce / mitigate risks.

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UVX Solutions Accreditations


Sterilizes Surfaces & Air

Bespoke UVC light bulb with 100% efficiency

We have developed a game changing proprietary UVC light bulb and custom power supply, designed to provide maximum power and efficiency.

Non-chemical disinfection of surfaces

With UVX.Solutions technology, it is possible to destroy all pathogens within seconds without the addition of chemicals and without harmful side effects.

COVID-FREE certificate

By following the protocols put in place by the European Directives, UVX.Solutions is able to provide a COVID-FREE certificate at the end of each disinfection program.

About UVC Technology


Application areas

Industry sectors benefiting from UVX solutions.

  • Corporate Offices

  • Hotels & Resorts

  • Cruise Ships, Ferries & Yachts

  • Banks & Financial Intitutions

  • Restaurants & Bars

  • Supermarkets & Retail Shops

  • Movie Theaters & Live Performance Theatres

  • Universities & Schools

  • Hospitals & Clinics

  • Conference & Meeting Facilities

  • Public & Private Transportation

  • Commercial Airports & Airlines

How it works

UVX.Solutions has commissioned, a bespoke UVC sterilisation system with a proprietary delivery mechanism that has a Game Changing UVC power output like no other device, which provides a high level of efficiency and power. This allows us to provide our clients with a COVID Free Certification as we follow the European Protocols, while maintaining a 99.9% effective rate of inactivation of pathogens.

Our process can be applied in any part of your business, which allow both air and surface sterilisation. Using our UVX.Solutions process, is an environmentally friendly and sustainable way of keeping your clients, customers and employees safe. Our products will help streamline your operations and having our UVX.Solutions process as part of your sanitisation routine will save you time & money whilst providing you with the highest grade of sterilisation to keep your business running and let you focus on your productivity.



The UVX.Solutions Team visits your premises to evaluate the area and identify threats.



UVX.Solutions team creates a customized plan based on the needs of your space. We agree on a process that provides a level of personal security.



UVX.Solutions visits your area and completes a full disinfection program on a daily or one off basis. The UVX.Solutions team provides all necessary equipment.



The COVID-free certificate is updated. The certificate comes in the form of a QR code which is placed in each disinfected area.

Certificate Sample

High-quality sterilization services based on your needs

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